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We are thrilled to kick off a special recognition program, recognizing the Rock Stars in our company who are abundant, generous, supportive, and collaborative to the entire community of consultants (regardless of whose team they are on). We will also be recognizing inspiring stories of perseverance, generosity, and accomplishment on this page regularly.

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Rodan + Fields Rock Star of the Week Nancy Nuccitelli

Rodan + Fields Cathy Werder

Join us in congratulating Rodan + Fields Rock Star of the Week LV Nancy Nuccitelli >

Nominated by: Lori Siragusa and Team Nuch Vision

Reason for Nomination: On behalf of Team Nuch Vision and all of her “adopted” business partners, we believe Nancy Nuccitelli should be recognized as a Rock Star of the Week because she truly exemplifies the kind of leader that we all aspire to be.  She has the heart of a servant leader and is extremely giving of her time, helping everyone grow and refine their skills.  She always has an encouraging word for everyone; this is definitely her spiritual gift, and she is keenly aware of bringing out the special skills and gifts in others.  She is cheerful, positive and uplifting, and is always there for us.  Her determination and faith in each of us has kept us all going even when we have felt discouraged.  You definitely get the sense that it’s never about her, but rather, it’s about her desire to help her team succeed and become the best that they can be.  Nancy never hesitates to reach out to other sister team members to help and encourage them as well.  We want her to know that “we love her more,” which is one of her favorite expressions, and that we are grateful for her extraordinary leadership.

Mary Ann Benedetti, Rock Star of the Week


Our first rock star we’d like to recognize is Elite Level V Leader Mary Ann Benedetti of Team MABU (Make a Better You).

Mary Ann exudes abundance and portrays the spirit of generosity to all consultants in our company. From the very beginning, she has opened up her local meetings to all consultants who wish to attend her Danville meetings. She has gone out of her way to support people in BBLs and events, calls and strategy sessions, regardless of whether she profits from it financially. Last night Nikki Lazo celebrated her Lexus achievement, and although Mary Ann is not a part of her team, she acknowledged her for being a huge contributor to her success, and the local team of hers that Mary Ann and her husband Steve have warmly welcomed and supported.

Mary Ann, we want to honor you and your leadership! We would like to send you a signed copy of Sarah’s book Rock Your Network Marketing Business to keep or gift to one of your rock stars, because YOU ROCK! Keep on rocking rock star!

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