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We are thrilled to kick off a special recognition program, recognizing the Rock Stars in our company who are abundant, generous, supportive, and collaborative to the entire community of consultants (regardless of whose team they are on). We will also be recognizing inspiring stories of perseverance, generosity, and accomplishment on this page regularly.

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Rodan + Fields Rock Star of the Week Leslie Eoff

Rodan Fields Leslie Eoff

Join us in CONGRATULATING Rodan +  Fields Rock Star of the week Leslie Eoff!

Nominated by: Debbi Coder

Leslie and I met in OKC at a POWER UP LUNCHEON almost 2 years ago.  Then we went on the LEVEL FIVE ARRIVAL TRIP together and she immediately became, what I call, my RF BFF.  She is not on my personal team, or even in my upline or downline…but she is there for me EVERY TIME I need to run something by her, we share ideas, and she is a cheerleader for everyone in R+F!  LOVE HER SO MUCH and she is for sure a ROCKSTAR!!!! :))

Congratulations Leslie, and thank you for supporting and championing the entire R+F family!

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