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Rodan + Fields Rock Star of the Week Leslie Eoff

Rodan Fields Leslie Eoff

Join us in CONGRATULATING Rodan +  Fields Rock Star of the week Leslie Eoff!

Nominated by: Debbi Coder

Leslie and I met in OKC at a POWER UP LUNCHEON almost 2 years ago.  Then we went on the LEVEL FIVE ARRIVAL TRIP together and she immediately became, what I call, my RF BFF.  She is not on my personal team, or even in my upline or downline…but she is there for me EVERY TIME I need to run something by her, we share ideas, and she is a cheerleader for everyone in R+F!  LOVE HER SO MUCH and she is for sure a ROCKSTAR!!!! :))

Congratulations Leslie, and thank you for supporting and championing the entire R+F family!

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