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We are thrilled to kick off a special recognition program, recognizing the Rock Stars in our company who are abundant, generous, supportive, and collaborative to the entire community of consultants (regardless of whose team they are on). We will also be recognizing inspiring stories of perseverance, generosity, and accomplishment on this page regularly.

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Rodan + Fields Rock Star of the Week Cathy Werder

Rodan + Fields Cathy Werder

Join us in congratulating Rodan + Fields Rock Star of the Week LV Cathy Werder >

Nominated by:  Jackie Weisenberger

” I am amazed at how giving and knowledgeable Cathy is.  She is  constantly giving her time and energy to everyone on her team and even those not on her team.  She tirelessly coordinates all the meetings we have in Raleigh, puts the information out there and opens it up to everyone in the area regardless of there upline.  If you ask she will do it! ” Congratulations Cathy, and thank you for being a T.E.A.M. player–you are a true rock star!

Rodan + Fields Rock Star of the Week Trudy Hedgecough

Rodan + Fields Trudy Hegecough

Join me us in congratulating Rodan + Fields Rock Star of the week,  Trudy Hedgecough!

Nominated by: Joy Young Rose

Reason for Nomination:  Trudy tirelessly gives of herself to our entire team as well as people outside of her team–and has really raised the bar in terms of what it means to be an effective and collaborative leader.  She leads by example and with integrity, is generous with her time and resources, and encourages others regardless of whose team they are on.

Rodan + Fields Rock Star of the Week Ashlee Belcher

Rodan + Fields Ashlee Belcher

Join us in CONGRATULATING Rodan + Fields Rock Star of the week, Ashlee Belcher >

Nominated by: Nicolle Jones

Reason for Nomination: Ashlee is a consultant who reached level 5 in less than a year and also won a trip to Napa. She is a busy mother of three, yet ALWAYS has time for everyone on her team and for supporting others in the company. She makes everyone want to do their best and always has a positive attitude. At a recent event, I ran into someone I knew who was a consultant under another sponsor and when she asked who my sponsor was and I said Ashlee, she stated “Wow, you have Ashlee as your sponsor? She has really made a positive impact in Rodan and Fields on the Coast of Mississippi. “

Rodan + Fields Rock Stars of the Week James and Stephanie Gray

James Gray Stephanie Gray Rodan + Fields

Join us in congratulating James and Stephanie Gray >

Nominated by: Stephanie Goetz

“Steph & James are committed, dedicated leaders! Not only are they steadfast in their belief about this business, they have an unwavering commitment to their goals.  As a married couple in business together, they leverage one another’s strengths and are passionate about helping their team identify their own strengths as well. They are wonderful partners in business and great brand ambassadors for our company!” These leaders experienced great growth in their business last month, and team MI appreciates them so much—as they both go out of their way to make guests of other teams feel included, answer questions, and make all consultants feel a part of the local community/ family.

Rodan + Fields Rock Star of the Week Kali Schwindt

Rodan + Fields Kali Schwindt

Join us in CONGRATULATING Rodan + Fields Rock Star of the Week, Kali Schwindt!

Nominated by: Andrea Baker

Reason for Nomination:  I am FLOORED by the kindness and generosity of spirit displayed by the best of the best in this company!  My high school friend and now consultant lives in North Carolina.  She was on the fence about joining my team, so I found a corporate training event in her area and contacted Kali who was one of the “organizers” of the event.  Kali went out of her way to welcome Dana and make sure all of her questions were answered.  She knew when to let her have some space to think and when she should push her a little to get the most out of this experience.  Dana signed up that night and Kali has offered to help her with her BBL!!!  I am SO grateful that Kali who is not even in my upline would go out of her way to help AND Dana!  I can’t wait to get ahead in this business so I can be a shining example of what Kali and Peggy Coven have showed me as I get started.  Thank you Rodan+Fields for putting these amazing people in my life! #FOREVERGRATEFUL

Rodan + Fields Rock Star of the Week Bonnie Sloan

Rodan + Fields Bonnie Sloan

Join us in congratulating Rodan + Fields Rock Star of the Week Bonnie Sloan

Nominated by: Ron and Becky Cox

Reason for Nomination:Bonnie is an amazing leader who serves and encourages her team and the consultants in the “R+F family”  with unending passion. Bonnie is building her R+F business so that she can retire her husband Ben from his corporate job that requires him to travel every week. Bonnie sees the opportunity and has shared it with many to change their lives. She is a team player, and loved by people on her team, and those she supports who aren’t on her team as well.

Rodan + Fields Rock Star of the Week Karen Abernathy

Rodan + Fields Karen Abernathy

Join us in congratulating Rodan + Fields Rock Star of the week Karen Abernathy!

Nominated by: Suzanne Hays

Reason for Nomination: Karen Bettis Abernathy is truly a servant leader! She not only helps her team reach their dreams and goals, but she helps anyone that needs help within the Rodan + Fields community! Her sole purpose is to help others reach their highest potential! Let’s congratulate Karen!

Rodan + Fields Rock Star of the Week Peggy Coven

Rodan Fields Peggy Coven

Join me in congratulating Rodan + Fields Rock Star of the week, Peggy Coven >

Nominated by: Andrea Baker

“I am not in Peggy’s downline, and my upline is literally on the other side of the country.  Peggy did not hesitate to accept my request to help me with my first BBL!  I am blown away by her willingness to help me without anything in return.  I am so grateful to her and to the wonderful culture of generosity that this team exudes!” Join us in congratulating Peggy–and please nominate the rock stars of Rodan + Fields that you know who are showing the spirit of generosity to their entire Rodan + Fields family!

Rodan + Fields Rock Star of the Week Leslie Eoff

Rodan Fields Leslie Eoff

Join us in CONGRATULATING Rodan +  Fields Rock Star of the week Leslie Eoff!

Nominated by: Debbi Coder

Leslie and I met in OKC at a POWER UP LUNCHEON almost 2 years ago.  Then we went on the LEVEL FIVE ARRIVAL TRIP together and she immediately became, what I call, my RF BFF.  She is not on my personal team, or even in my upline or downline…but she is there for me EVERY TIME I need to run something by her, we share ideas, and she is a cheerleader for everyone in R+F!  LOVE HER SO MUCH and she is for sure a ROCKSTAR!!!! :))

Congratulations Leslie, and thank you for supporting and championing the entire R+F family!

Rock Star of the Week Crystal Archie

Crystal Archie Rodan + Fields

Join us in congratulating Rock Star of the Week, Crystal Archie!

Nominated by: Debbi Coder

There are so many reasons, I may not be able to list them all here!!!  Crystal is such a giving person and awesome cheerleader!!!  We met through the adoption process of both our sons…and she introduced me to R+F!  She is such an AMAZING ENCOURAGER to everyone!!!  I’ve seen her in action…GIVING is her middle name (she gives to people inside, and outside of her team–and with her time, talent and resources gained from R+F)!!!!  She is a huge asset to R+F.  Because of her, More than 16 adoptive moms have joined her team and are able to do more and give more….THANK YOU, Crystal Archie!!!  YOU ARE THE BEST! :))

Let’s congratulate Crystal, and don’t forget to nominate a deserving rock star on the form to the right (someone who is giving to the entire R+F community, or doing great things outside of R+F through the opportunity!)

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