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Rodan + Fields Rock Star of the Week Kali Schwindt

Rodan + Fields Kali Schwindt

Join us in CONGRATULATING Rodan + Fields Rock Star of the Week, Kali Schwindt!

Nominated by: Andrea Baker

Reason for Nomination:  I am FLOORED by the kindness and generosity of spirit displayed by the best of the best in this company!  My high school friend and now consultant lives in North Carolina.  She was on the fence about joining my team, so I found a corporate training event in her area and contacted Kali who was one of the “organizers” of the event.  Kali went out of her way to welcome Dana and make sure all of her questions were answered.  She knew when to let her have some space to think and when she should push her a little to get the most out of this experience.  Dana signed up that night and Kali has offered to help her with her BBL!!!  I am SO grateful that Kali who is not even in my upline would go out of her way to help AND Dana!  I can’t wait to get ahead in this business so I can be a shining example of what Kali and Peggy Coven have showed me as I get started.  Thank you Rodan+Fields for putting these amazing people in my life! #FOREVERGRATEFUL

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